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King mattress available at Onebed at reasonable price.

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King mattress comes with 76″ × 79.5″ dimensions. The recommended size for two adults to sleep on is a queen or king size bed. An onebed provides optimal support for each sleeper while confining movement to each side of the bed. Never be woken by a restless partner again. The combination of latex and memory foam gives the mattress a cushioning effect allowing for minimal motion transfer.   It provides optimum support by responding to each individual’s body; however any movement is confined, not affecting other areas of the mattress.

Using specialized machinery, the mattress is compressed and fitted carefully into a medium sized box.   Because it’s made with specially formulated, premium quality, and highly durable foam, the onebed can be compressed into a box without compromising the mattress in the least.   Sleep tight, all night – no matter how many times your partner needs to go to the bathroom. The combination of latex and memory foam gives the mattress a cushioning effect that allows for uninterrupted sleep.

The memory foam creates a cushioning effect, giving the mattress the ability to adjust to your body shape, creating individualized support.  The latex layer provides the cooling component and allows for the optimal level of bounce. And finally, the polyurethane layer gives the mattress the perfect density and ensures long-term durability.   Consisting of three carefully formulated layers, this mattress is the perfect balance of comfort, support and durability. This allows for easy shipping and handling, whilst ensuring that your product remains perfectly intact.