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International Labour Day
labour day
International Workers’ Day is a holiday that members and supporters of the labor movement is marked by the memory of his achievements, and victims who are their members filed a labor movement to push for greater labor rights.

First of May / May has its roots in a decision leading US unions that, inspired by the victory of its Canadian counterpart, the year 1884 require the adoption of legislation that would establish a maximum of eight hours of work a day. This law should be made to 1.5. 1886. When this happened, there was a big strike in the United States, and in Chicago and bloody Haymarket riots.

Since then, the US, and later in all countries of the world, International Labour Day celebrated big parades and demonstrations, which are usually organized by socialist, communist, anarchist and other left-oriented movements.

After the October Revolution, the First of May / May became a national holiday in the USSR, and later in other communist countries. As a national holiday was established by Hitler and Germany.

Due to the communist connotations, in the US the labor movement gave up the first of May, and as Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday in September / September.

HOMAGE Primarijus Enes Ribic

homageIn the framework of the IV Festival Plivske Omaha The Bosnian polyphony last night in the lounge of the House of Culture in Jajce held homage to see. dr. Enes Ribic, where they spoke ing. Taib Kasumović, Vice President Jajce Academic Club, Primarius dr. Ivica Vojnovic, dr.Nihad Ribic and others. We did Hrnjić, Chief Jajce Municipality.

Exemplary physician, director of the Medical Centre in Jajce, the founder and first president of the environmental movement in The egg, the founder and first president of the Jajce Academic Club, an exemplary husband and parent, only some of virtues that adorned others. Enes Ribic.

He loved his native Lake, about which he wrote a book, loved the town of Jajce, Pliva river and waterfall. skied the in his old age, swimming, playing table tennis, chess …

As one of the most important fighters for the preservation of nature and healthy environment in BiH, and on the subject MA At the University of Zagreb, showed its principles and in a way it never through the center of eggs not passed by car.

Relatives, colleagues, friends and citizens of eggs in a dignified manner expressed their respects to Physician Dr. Enes Fish.

Who were arrested pljačaši

As the portal confirmed, were arrested Alexander Babic (24), Zoran Piljagić (36), Sinisa Vasiljevic (33) and Daniel Trivalić (29), while for Zoran, his brother Zlatko Piljagic, still looking.

“These four people were handed over to colleagues from the Ministry of Interior of the Central Bosnia Canton for further action,” said the Public Security Centre Banja Luka.

All were arrested earlier had a police record, and are detained for various crimes. It is not known whether they were on the site of a bloody robbery or were associated with the direct perpetrators of the failed robbery in Jajce.

As a reminder, during an attempted robbery goldsmith “Gabi” and “Gold” in Jajce police on Thursday morning in an exchange of fire killed banjalucanina Stojan Knezevic, with Cole.

There is a reasonable suspicion that behind the bloody robbery goldsmith responsible organized criminal group of thieves gold from Banja Luka, and are therefore involved in the investigation and criminal isnopektori PSC Banja Luka.

According to unofficial information, the Banja Luka group is charged with a series of unresolved robbery of jewelers in the Federation BiH and RS performed over the past year, and where the stolen jewelry worth several hundred thousand.

These are unsolved robberies jewelers in Kozarska Dubica, Gornji Vakuf, Sanski Most and other towns.

Attempted robbery jewelry store, the city blocked

According to unofficial information, this morning at half past three, the real drama took place in our peaceful town. Four robbers armed with automatic rifles with two cars attempted to rob two jewelers at the Banja Luka gate. In a gun battle between the police and the robbers, one robber was killed while three on the run. The city all morning blocked by police for crime scene investigation and possible pursuit of runaway robbers.